Life-Saving Gadgets like Bulletproof Bags and Shields for Schools & the Workplace

Life-Saving Gadgets like Bulletproof Bags and Shields for Schools & the Workplace

Photo (above) credit: Alexander Augusteijn

With the recent headlines on fatal shootings by the police, and school massacres in the US earlier, the demand for bulletproof gears may well be on the rise again. And with Christmas round the corner, there’s no better time to show your loved ones you really care about their safety, at school and the workplace.

Perhaps you’re not alien to these products but I thought of sharing anyway, especially my findings on price effective solutions.

But first, here’s the link to a video introduction on one such product. And here’s a demonstration of the gear at work – blocking the bullet.

If it’s convincing, there’s still one operational issue. It takes a good few seconds to convert those ordinary-looking computer bags into a bulletproof shield covering the upper body. And that’s why I thought the next product (picture below) is more practical: it takes just a second to transform the briefcase into a bulletproof wall to shield the entire body when one found himself/herself in a suddenly hostile cross-fire situation.


I found online retail stores selling these briefcases at around US$800 apiece.

Subsequently, I also found the China-based OEM manufacturers for these same briefcases. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is usually quoted at 50, ie. a minimum of 50 pieces per order.

Now for all I know, some manufacturers entertain orders for “one sample” but at a premium, which in this case was US$400 at best.

One manufacturer then offered a “much better price” if I ordered 10 samples instead, at US$250 apiece. And I also asked about the best price for the stated MOQ of 50: US$235 apiece.

Not bad but if only I can convince some buddies to pool in for at least 10 such briefcases.

So I thought the best solution both for the price and practical reasons are the bulletproof panels (picture below).


Besides inserting these panels into the children’s backpacks, one can also insert them into computer bags and briefcases for working adults. The flexibility in use is a big plus. And they cost less than US$100 apiece.