Archives January 2020

Shhh… A Corona?!

With the depressing news these days, I hope you’re keeping safe.

I have to admit this deviates from my usual topics. Inspired by this silly photo I received today, I spent ten minutes drafting and fifteen minutes fine tuning this poem:


I know a Karina and Corrina

But I never trust you Corona

Ever since I learned to thrust a slice of lime or lemon

Into you

Like a dice to slice the demon

In you


What’s in you Corona

As I stare at your bottle

My mind left to throttle

As you’re a monster no little


You tunnel down our throats

Channel to our liver

Via the lungs

And sparks a fever


Now I finally realize

There’s another Corona

Which is no ordinary vice

With no known vaccine

The only advice

Is to stay away from you

A vicious virus

Oh you Coronavirus

Shhh… A Cyber-Geopolitical Threats 2019 Roundup

The year 2019 has been setting the scene on the cyber-geopolitical scene for the 2020s. Here’s a nice sum up.

And on the personal front the best defense is to keep yourself informed – Watch out for fake news and facts-check everything you read especially anything that seems too perfectly outrageous.